Week 26 - Switch testing

This week, as promised, the track team finished a switch section of the track and we were able to test our controls system to a small extent. We tested that the bogie switched when presented with the correct location RFID tag and that it had enough power to navigate the track. We ran into some small hiccups because we modified our code to run on a legacy PCB. However, these bugs will be eliminated once we create our own PCBs. In addition, we took a video of our testing setup, it can be seen below.

In the upcoming week, we will be ordering our PCB boards and soldering all of the necessary components onto them. This is done in order to make the controls system more modular and replaceable if a part were to break. It will also be easier to debug wiring issues this way because there will only be one large plug instead of 20 single wire connections.


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